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I AM a creative artist committed to my family, my community and country. As a U.S. Marine combat veteran I've struggled with Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) while finding my place in society. The past has been a roller coaster of emotions plagued with alcohol abuse, fights with friends and family, and the seamingly regular loss of friends to overdose, accidents, and suicide.

Hyperbaric Oxgyen Therapy (HBOT) was monumental in helping me gain my life back. The cost of HBOT was not covered by the Veteran's Health Administration. Fortunately I was able to acquire pro bono HBOT treatments with the help of a very special Doctor and two families of the Autism community. They paid for my treatments by allowing me to share an HBOT chamber with their kids, both injured by the MMR vaccine. Sharing the chamber with these kids opened my eyes to the realization of vaccine injury. Vaccine safety is controversial subject, but it needs to be discussed.

I'm blessed with a beautiful family, three healthy boys, and an incredible wife. I've found the creative expression I lost while in the Marines. Creativity is a key element in maintaining a positive attitude and a healthy, balanced mindset. I'm committed to helping others heal under pressure, while creating the life of their dreams.

Thank you for supporting me.

Love you!